Sunglasses Care Instructions


Please use the following as a guide to caring for your recent purchase of MYKRISTI eyewear:

-Use the accompanying MYKRISTI cleaning cloth for daily cleaning of your sunglasses. Your microfiber cleaning cloth can be used to remove most light stains, dirt, makeup, or finger prints from the bio-acetate frames and lenses. For more stubborn debris you can dip the cleaning cloth in to warm water. 

-It is not recommended to use solvents or any alcohol based cleaning agents for cleaning the frames or the lenses, because they can damage the surface of the bio-frames and/or the lenses.

-Your sunglasses frames consist of a bio-plastic material produced from natural cellulose components that over time can lose shape through everyday effects of thermal influences. This is not an issue at all! If you find the glasses are getting loose on your face, please have them re-adjusted through your optician back to the shape you desire. Please only do so through a skilled professional or contact us for further guidance. 

-Please do not expose your sunglasses to direct sunlight over 104ºF or 40ºC for a prolonged period of time, for example on the dashboard of your car.

-The lenses of this product are the only components that are not biodegradable. When you are completely done with the product and want to dispose of it you may pop the lenses out and recycle them while the frames can be disposed of normally. This is a rare case, because we are sure you will enjoy your purchase for decades to come.

-We do not recommend wearing your sunglasses on your head when you take them off your face. Because most of the frames are designed to be more flat, they may fall off your head and break. We suggest using your foldable case included in the package for safe storage.