When founder Elena Slivnyak first created MYKRISTI, she had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve. She set out to turn the fast fashion industry on its head by creating enduring, timelessly stylish occasion-wear that made women feel empowered, sexy, and endlessly confident the instant they put it on — all without creating unnecessary waste. She knew exactly what type of woman would wear the clothes she envisioned: 

Passionate, powerful women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

The kind of woman who could turn heads simply by walking into a room.

Quietly confident women who adore timeless fashion and have an eye for immaculate quality.

Effortlessly stylish women who come alive at night and fit right into any crowd.

Women whose infectious laughter brightens up any room — even when she’s dressed in black from head to toe.

In order to make her vision a reality, Elena gathered a talented team of women and together, they designed and created gorgeous statement pieces each one of them felt drawn to: classic, head-turning, high quality clothing that made them feel sexy, free and confident on a night out.

Fashion-forward design, sustainability, and inclusivity come together to form MYKRISTI. 


Each piece in the MYKRISTI collection is designed in-house in California. Our all-female team works together to design classic collections of dresses, shoes, and eyewear.


We take every measure to combat climate change and embrace sustainability. We produce limited-quantity collections, taking care to never create waste through overproduction. All of our packaging is completely plastic-free — we use only recycled or biodegradable materials. And we carefully craft high-quality clothing and accessories specifically designed to last for years, even decades. With classic silhouettes and timeless designs, MYKRISTI pieces never go out of style.

We believe that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. That’s why we’ve chosen to create affordable, flattering clothing in a wide range of inclusive sizes.